Trafalgar Square

Adam Chapman - Trafalgar Square
4.5ft x 6.5 ft
oil on canvas

The Failsafe

Adam Chapman Andre Kan The Failsafe
6ft x 4ft
oil, latex, spray paint on canvas

A collaborative piece between myself and my friend and fellow artist, Andre Kan. We chose the name The Failsafe both for our enduring love of the band Misery Signals and for the bare bones of our own processes that united so wonderfully.

More of Andre’s amazing work can be found at !


Velocity - Adam Chapman
4ft x 6ft
oil on canvas


It goes without saying; safely navigating Toronto streets takes a sense of determination and no small measure of courage. Daily competition amidst the interweaving, often intimidating traffic bears a heightened risk, especially for cyclists. That being said, the game of cat and mouse they play with motorists becomes part of an exhilarating adventure; an assimilation that is unique to fully experiencing the city.

Velocity, in literal definition, depicts the many pieces of Toronto moving in different directions and at varying speeds. This painting represents that constant state of motion, aiming to preserve the excitement found when experiencing citywide interaction. In essence, it serves as a record of our lasting exposure to the city’s heartbeat.