Adam Chapman

Toronto, ON, Canada

Month: February, 2016



Adam Chapman - Ghost

oil, silver on canvas 24″x36″ 2016

Maan! The Artist Project this weekend was so amazing! I can’t think of anything better than getting to spend time with so many inspiring people, offering such great feedback on my work. Thank you to everyone who came by! And its funny, my most understated painting at the show had so much to say to me all weekend.

My newest work, Ghost, feels like one of the most autobiographical paintings I’ve made in a long time. A ghost is an eternally trapped entity, left to haunt as a faint trace of the person who once was. Having found myself in an extended period of painter’s block, I can’t help but relate to the ghost of this piece.

The thing about this painting is that the perspective point is the figure. The focus is very much on this “ghost”, having the world simultaneously rushing at him and pulling in this singular direction. With the perspective so askew and colours inverted, all aspects of this piece are off, and are screaming for a form of balance. But underneath, there is a silver lining: a layer of precious silver leaf, gilded and burnished to the canvas. Adding a glimmer of hope behind the blood red clouds.

Thank you all again for your support at The Artist Project, it was an incredible success and I definitely got hit by a lightning bolt this weekend. I have a couple more shows coming up in the next little bit, so I’m super stoked to get to work!


Vieux Montréal

Adam Chapman - Vieux Montreal

oil, silver on canvas 24″x36″ 2015


Cosmopolitan - Adam Chapman 2016

oil, silver on canvas 54”x36” 2016


Infrared - Adam Chapman

oil on canvas, 54”x78”, 2016


Adam Chapman - Illuminate

Illuminate oil, 23k gold on canvas, diptych, 36”x84” 2016

A City on Fire

Adam Chapman - A City on Fire

oil on canvas 40”x60” 2016

Carriage Ride in St. Louis

Carriage Ride in St Louis oil, silver on canvas 2015

Carriage Ride in St Louis oil, silver on canvas 10”x15” 2015



Boarding oil, silver on canvas 48”x60” 2015

Boarding oil, silver on canvas 48”x60” 2015