2011, oil on canvas

Pilastri (the Italian word for Pillars), uses a fast-paced, energetic take on a large, monumental court in Arrezzo, Italy. Gestural and expressive, I aimed to alter the viewer’s perspective on the stability of such old, historical architecture.


Tourist/Local (Diptych)

Dual images of The Amalfi Coast, bringing up questions of perception within the viewer to compare between local and tourist sensibilities.
2011, oil on canvas
(2) 70cm x 100cm

This is one of the first pieces I painted while studying in Florence, Italy. It is from an adventure I had in September ’11 in The Amalfi Coast. The diptych shows two distinctly different views on the same image, which signifies a separate perception between the two. This contrast calls into question the perspective of a tourist against that of an Italian local.

Sotoportego Rosso

A sinister looking red and black image of an architectural tunnel.
2011, oil on canvas

Sotoportego Rosso is Venetian dialect that means “Red Tunnel”. The sharp tones of white, red and black inspire an aggressive feeling in the viewer. The hidden subtext for using a Venetian term is that this depicts a scene from the small town of Arezzo. Therefore, the piece is based on a principle of “this is not as it appears.” To this concept, it should become apparent to the viewer that they move from the all consuming, sinister darkness towards the welcoming light.

Painted smaller in order to engage the viewer on a personal level.


expressionist painting of a pathway
2011, oil on canvas

d’Or simplifies a colour palette to contrast light and dark to depict a popular pathways along the Arno River in Florence, Italy. Despite its pretty, accessible range of smooth golden colour, d’Or is meant to be seen as being surrounded by riches, and moving towards the dark. The lack of genuine light tones can lean towards the transciense of life. “d’Or” is a french translation “of Gold”, a subtle signifier as if to say “This is not as it appears.”