2012, oil on canvas
2012, oil on canvas
67″ x 88″

Fratella is a deliberate bastardization of masculine and feminine conjugations of the Italian language. Being new to the foreign words Fratello and Sorella, my roommate and I found it difficult to remember the proper terms for “brother” and “sister”, and eventually it became an inside joke to say the words wrong. Calling Florence home, this became a tongue-in-cheek play on the misuse of the Italian language by tourists.

The depiction in this piece is from when my sister Cori came to visit in Florence in February. She is standing in front of a restaurant in a popular tourist area, Piazza della Signora. My sister, a foreigner, is found in a place in Italy commonly overflowing with foreigners.

One thought on “Fratella

  1. Hi Adam,
    I was at the Outdoor Art Exhibition today, and was absolutely floored by your work and especially this piece. It was a pleasure to see what you do, and hopefully in the near future I can display one of your works in my home.

    Much regards,

    Corey Durand

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