oil on canvas (polyptych)
5.25ft x 18ft

Whereas Megalomania (2013) appears as a daunting challenge to overcome, Royalty appears as a more optimistic view of Toronto. Transgressing to a daytime reference, the connotations of elegance in this work imply an enriched and rewarding experience to be shared at Queen and Spadina.

2 thoughts on “Royalty

  1. Guess you still painting which is good to see. You did some house painting at Unsworth before heading to the London Olympics. I think you were headed to OCAD. Did both of those things work out. Are you painting for a summer job? All the best.

    1. Hi there Glen, I definitely remember you from last summer! I did end up going to London during the Olympics, and I have just finished my BFA at OCAD. This summer, I have a different type of painting in mind to work on, of course this one won’t necessarily give me such a nice tan. I’m sincerely glad you’ve kept up with my work, and I would be thrilled to see you and your wife at one of the upcoming shows I have this summer. They are listed in the CV column of my website. Take care my friend!

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